Partner Journey

We bring you the most on trend and comprehensive strategy tailored to your people and business.

Initial consult

Before we get started with providing your business with a custom and strategic plan, we begin with our discovery session to get a in-depth understanding of your current business operations, objectives and review previous marketing efforts. 

SWOT Analysis 

Once we've discussed your overall business goals and targets, our team will utilise data and market research tools to provide you with a comprehensive SWOT analysis, strength, weakness, opportunities, treats. The depth of this report is relevant to the size of your business, budget and objectives.

Market Research

Our approach to market search is heavily data driven based utilising the latest technical tools and programs relevant to your business and industry. The purpose of this phase is develop buyer persona's, conduct focus groups to gain feedback from products in order to shape your brand identity that's given a clear direction for partnerships, collaborations and sourcing digital creators for your brand. 

Social Media Strategy

A custom social strategy factoring all of your business essentials. Not every platform is suitable  for your brand sourcing the most effective platform for your brand is first part of shaping your strategy. Through the planning phase we begin with reviewing your current social foot print and data, as well your competitors to navigate if there are in gaps your business could benefit from. 

Content Startegy

Our team and develop a content strategy that custom for your brand with the focus on engagement and cost effective with long term goals in mind. Creating great content doesn't shouldn't cost a leg an arm to develop. During your journey with Launchspike we'll help find ways to get the most from your content production and help your produce material that's a stand out. 

PR Strategy

PR and influencer management strategy is most effective when mapped out with purpose. This includes media positioning and ensuring the creators representing your brand are aligned with your company guidelines. We use the latest tools to ensure that any paid partnerships or media collaborations will provide your marketing efforts the largest impact based on your marketing goals developed during the discovery phase of working with Launchspike.