Short Video Production: YouTube vs. TikTok?

It is no secret that TikTok transcended YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat & Instagram to fetch the most number of installations as a Short Video Production platform on iOS & Google Play Store in 2018. However, the time has flipped over now. Whether call it a consequence of the recent CarryMinati vs Amir Siddiqui (YouTube vs TikTok) controversy or emerging boycott campaigns against Chinese Smartphone Applications following COVID-19 pandemic, it is reported that TikTok has fallen drastically over the last 2 months by its Indian & worldwide users.

The Short Video Production application owned by famous ByteDance Ltd underwent a drastic fall in the number of downloads from March to May 2020 in India. It dropped from 35.5 million to 16.8 million in this period encouraging other western countries & the US to pull back on its users as well. Besides YouTube vs Tiktok & COVID-19 stuff, TikTok has other analytical reasons for losing a large number of users over the last few months. Let’s check it out.

Promotion Strategy

Just months before the year 2020 arrived, TikTok’s popularity in the US started declining compared to 2018. The reason being poor social media promotions followed by improper funding. Facebook ads promoting app installation were once the basic foundation of TikTok’s popularity in the US. However, this time, it was reported to bypass its social media ad efforts.

Social & Political Concerns

Moving ahead, the same year, the government of the United States implied US National Security Review on Short Video Production from TikTok following user data handling & political content censorship relating to Hong Kong protests. Moreover, the application is facing continuous hate from various Indian communities over the last few years regarding Violence, Crime & Adult Content.

Rivalry Facts

By this time, Instagram based IGTV was struggling to exceed TikTok’s popularity over its Short Video Production proficiency, but following the recent “Explore” page update from Instagram, IGTV has made its way back to potential audience in the US & globally. It is simply a notable substitute of TikTok’s “For You” page that feeds algorithmically suggested videos & fresh content exploration for users.

On the other side, YouTube is also reported to set fire on the Short Video Production ground with its coming of age user-created video content version called “Shorts”. Furthermore, following the YouTube vs TikTok controversy created between a famous Indian YouTuber & TikToker a few days ago, YouTube seems heavier on the Indian audience choice. And anyway, the majority of the Indian audience has considered it a useless application over these years.

Coming back to YouTube, its upcoming version “Shorts” is going to provide users with features of brief videos upload into the application’s feed. Additionally, it’ll provide user access to YouTube’s licensed music for a video compilation. Also, YouTube has created vast & diverse forms of employment opportunities globally that TikTok has nowhere to match.

So, if you’re deciding to quit TikTok in the future, don’t worry as there is a lot of innovation & freshness awaiting your Short Video Production plans ahead. Move ahead!

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