Social Media Marketing 101

Social media is a great tool to use to help promote your business. Why? Because you can reach more potential customers, for less money, fast! In 2019 there were 18 million active social media users in Australia, which is 72% of the population. By actively promoting your business through social media you can reach customers that traditional marketing would not.

However, it’s important as a business to remember that social media is inherently a tool to communicate with friends. Therefore, when you promote your business on social media it's good to remember to share content that people find valuable or entertaining.

Social media is designed for storytelling, making hard sales tactics redundant. It is your chance to create relationships with potential customers by becoming part of their community. This will give people a reason to trust in your brand and remember you when wanting to make a purchase.

What to Avoid

Social media is a great way to interact with potential customers, however, it can have a negative impact on your business if used incorrectly. To be successful on social channels avoid the following;

  • Using social media as a sales platform

  • Being boring

  • Sales-y tactics

  • Only using one platform

  • Using all social media platforms

  • Not responding to customers

  • Repeating content regularly

Paid, Owned, Earned Social Media


Owned social consists of what people say to you. 87% of owned media appears on Facebook. Owned social may consist of users commenting on or sharing the photos and videos you post to your Facebook Page.


Paid social is what you pay for people to see, it accounts for 80% of all branded content. For instance, boosted posts and branded Snapchat filters.


Earned social is what people say about you outside of your branded pages. Examples include:

  • A customer shares a review about your product on their Facebook Page

  • Customer snaps an Instagram photo of your store or product

  • Pinterest user pins one of your products to a board

What channels to use?


Facebook is the most commonly used platform, allowing you to connect with friends, family and businesses online. Businesses can use Facebook to show another side to their operations so that potential customers discover the ‘real’ brand. Consequently, you can create a great first impression, get customer reviews and improve your SEO.


Instagram is a visual platform made for photo and video sharing. Businesses should think of their Instagram page as their onli